​“I thought I might just go crazy trying to figure out the lighting but you managed to stay calm & just walk me through everything.  Thank you for your helping to make the whole process less stressful & more enjoyable!”


Rachelle Neal, Royal Treatment Salon & Spa, Jackson, MN



"Have I mentioned to you yet how fun it is working with someone who has access to these great resources?! I am looking forward to hanging those puppies up!"


Marcy, Jackson, MN



"The bedroom is beautiful! The mirror was absolutely the perfect touch. . .and I love how it moved the armoire over. You were right the balance was perfect."

Sarah H, Worthington, MN



"I just really appreciate the answer to that question. I was thinking that was the direction I wanted to go, but then they (the contractors) started to say if you do it this other way, that is when I started to cave & buckle. Thank you for pulling me back on track."

Pam R, Fairmont, MN


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